Ahmedabad High Court Advocate Assoc. Akash Pandya won for the third time in the managing committee

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Akash’s resounding victory in Gujarat High Court’s association election

– Best wishes to Akash Pandya for a bright career…. Former Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani

– Ranked first among 36 candidates by getting maximum number of votes.

– Lawyers of the association thanked. Historic vote-getting winner.

– Matters of chambers, library, parking facilities for lawyers will be given priority.

Ahmedabad: In the election process of 272 bar associations of the state under the rules of Gujarat Bar Association, Akash Jayantkumar Pandya won the highest number of votes in Ahmedabad High Court Advocate Association as Managing Committee Member. Abhinandan Varsha from across the state proved to be well-deserved as he achieved third consecutive victory.

Former Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani congratulated him with respect and wished him a bright career. He was taught to solve the problems of lawyers by giving priority. Mrs. Anjaliben Rupani gave special congratulations on this occasion Science Jatha Jayant Pandya lawyer Chintan Buddhadev, Rishabh Rupani sweetened the mouth and patted Akash’s back. The present police personnel congratulated.

Brijeshbhai Trivedi as President of High Court Advocate Association, Virat Popat as Vice President, Hardik Brahmabhat as General Secretary, Bhavik Pandya, Darshan Dave among office bearers, Akash Pandya who got the highest number of votes among the winners in Executive was declared the winner.

Akash Pandya has been practicing criminal in Ahmedabad High Court for 13 years. Having been elected three times, he expressed his commitment to resolve issues including chambers, filing, parking, library for lawyers in a period of two years with the trust and cooperation of the elected office bearers. Akash’s mother in Rajkot Bar Association for the last 32 years and father Jayantbhai Pandya in Ahmedabad High Court Bar Association with criminal practice and science caste public movement work in 33 districts.

At Gandhinagar Mahatma Gandhi has said that there is a court greater than the courts of justice and that is the court of the inner soul which is the best of all courts. Most of the judges of the country’s courts keep in mind the ideals of the country’s constitution and give justice by following the voices of their inner souls and seeing the evidence. Justice religion is alive because the constitution – justice is the supremacy of the temple.

In particular, Advocate Akash Pandya expressed his heartfelt thanks to all senior, junior, friends, lawyers of Ahmedabad High Court, including Chintanbhai, Amitbhai, Jackie Bhai, Sunilbhai, Yogeshbhai, Mosinbhai, who joined the campaign. For greetings contact Mo, 97243 00130.

Jayantbhai Pandya

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