Black fourteenth day is not inauspicious… District Police Chief Jayapalisinh

Public awareness pamphlet distributed in district offices of the state.

Riportar kantilal solanki


Reject centuries old superstitions… Jatha Jayant Pandya.

Jatha appeal to the vigilantes to visit the crematorium on Saturday.

From the perspective of science approach, the country will progress.

Ahmedabad: Saturday On 11th there are vigils across the country to celebrate Kali Chaudash. A visit to the cremation ground is necessary to develop strong morale. Public awareness pamphlets were distributed at district headquarters in the state. The state office of Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha has appealed to celebrate Diwali festival by rejecting the centuries old superstition

Rajkot District Police Chief Jayapalisinh Rathore supports the dissemination of public awareness leaflets and there is an urgent need to eradicate superstition. According to nature-natural law, 365 days are auspicious. The belief of an inauspicious day is wrong. Positive thoughts benefit humans. He wished us to celebrate Diwali by participating in the progress of the nation. We all know that science works continuously.

Aji Dam Police Station Po.Ins. L. L. Chawda supports the distribution of awareness pamphlets against caste superstitions in his area, but only his own ego, prejudices. Participating in Kali Chaudash celebrations becomes a duty. Should be a partner in the progress of the nation. Special vigilance of law and order will be kept in Mahika village. Civil religion should be followed.

Jatha State-Chairman Jayant Pandya distributed public awareness leaflets in 33 district headquarters of the state with the help of well-wishers. A new approach should be preferred when the centuries of Kalichoudash putting food grains in four squares have yielded no results. It was called to reject superstitions, superstitions, bad practices and adopt a science perspective. It was hoped that village-to-village vigils in the state would visit the Kalichoudshe crematorium.

Babubhai Moliya, former sarpanch of Mahika village, has prioritized cleanliness with preparations for beautifying the crematorium. There is enthusiasm in the village. The fear of the name of witchcraft will be burned away. Villagers were appealed to attend the cremation on Saturday night.

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